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    Thread: Un-Solved - New Tata Manza pulls to the left over 30 times alignment checked, need solution.

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      Quote Originally Posted by speed79 View Post
      I find some vibrations around 80-90. Around 100 theses are gone.
      This is a classic problem with wheels that needs balancing. Look for damage to rims and tyres at the same time.

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      Quote Originally Posted by urban_gypsy View Post
      Yes being harder rubber they lasted quite well more over I mainly drive 95% on expressway with tyre pressure always well maintained, I hardly brake hard so tyre generally have good life in such condition. I have crossed 74000kms now & the original brake shoes are still strong I wanted to change them at 70K service but found them in good condition.
      my tyres also in good condition. half tread left at 35k kms. And brake pad also n good
      refused on the ground that oil was not changed at 30K when I bought manza in 2011 the oil change was suppose to be every 20K (as per mentioned in service book) later it was changed to every 10K.
      I Bought in 2011 sept. Initial it was 20kkms interval. When I reached 10k kms during that time interval was changed already'so I changed every 10k. You can contact the tml and explain situation
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      Quote Originally Posted by urban_gypsy View Post
      At 64000kms of stock tyre 2 months ago I upgraded tyre to Bridgestone AR20 195/60R/15 just got the tyre change & wheel balancing (purposely avoided wheel alignment) the car now has no left pulling problem & for the first time drove on expressway at speed 140-160 with zero steering vibration.
      The bridge stone tyre have been doing quite well, My odometer is now at 115000 kms, so in next 5-10k kms I will be making the next tyre change. Any better options available in the market? else I will go with either stock size 185/60 R15 tyre or up sized AR20 195/60R/15.
      Upsizing reduced mileage but allows better handling of the car at high speeds. I mostly drive on expressway.

      At 110000kms service I got clutch pressure pump changed & break shoes changed, Manza will server me another 2-3 yrs.
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