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    Thread: Volkswagen Vento TL Petrol : Ownership Report

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      Volkswagen Vento TL Petrol : Ownership Report

      All right people, here’s my first dedicated post towards an automobile.
      My ownership details for my VW Vento, TL Petrol.

      My annual run is at maximum around 5000kms, so diesel makes no sense.
      Our first choice was the Fiat Linea, but my family members had second thoughts when some close family friends raised doubts about the Fiat quality and regular nags.
      I personally do not like the New Honda City Ivtec and so that was not considered.
      The VW Vento, which was a little rare that time, came into consideration on the insistence of my Uncle who owns a Jetta.

      Initially I was not much impressed by the car's somber looks and design. Also the very identical front to the polo did not please me. However, I decided to give it a shot.
      When I test drove the car, I immediately noticed the well tweeked suspension was very nice on our Delhi roads. The driving seat comfort was great for me, and although a dead pedal would have been nice still the drive was great.
      The best part about driving the car is the electronic steering, it’s so light and easy to use! What also adds to it is the low turning radius of the car.
      The rear ac vents are a very logical and nice addition.

      The car is equipped with ESP, and works pretty well.
      Basically it’s a breaking assist during sharp breaking and I could feel some of its effects during the drive (particularly at the NSP flyover).
      It was a great upgrade for me from alto and the old city, and I was immediately a fan of the car. Plus, every other person staring at the car (vento was kind of uncommon till then) added to the oomph factor!

      My family was already impressed with the car and so without any delay, we booked it at Globus VW, Model Town.
      Choosing the car colour was a tough decision, but in the end we finalised the ever-green WHITE over black.

      The car was delivered as promised and on time.
      We had decided to get floor mats, mud flaps and seat covers from the showroom itself. However, they gave us the mats and flaps complementary.

      The attendants and crew were very nice and explained everything about the car very well and the car was delivered to me along with a bouquet and box of chocolates.

      My first drive in new car was not very pleasant due to the crappy Model Town roads, however the suspension did pretty well and it was overall nice to be driving the German beauty.
      Once I got to the flyovers it was sheer joy! The car may not give you the sheer feel of raw power like the Verna but once you step on the accelerator the beast within wakes up and the car almost pounces forward.
      The cabin space is great. We were two 5’10” people in the front and two 5’6” people in the back and there was no complain for any room.

      The car has a few features that are different from our standard cars.
      • Only the driver’s gate has the door locks. No separate lock on each door. However, you can open the gates from inside anytime you want irrespective of the driver’s setting. But once locked by the driver, the gates can’t be opened from outside.
      • The wiper control lever and the lights lever are interchanged i.e. lights on left and wiper on right.
      • The wipers cannot be raised just like that. There is a proper mechanism for that explained in the user’s manual. You have to start the car and pull the lever once or something like that (a bit annoying for the cleaner).
      • Although many have said that the front armrest is positioned poorly, I find no problems with it. It suits my style completely and I have had no problems in engaging the hand brake while having the armrest down.
      • The boot opens completely just with the pull of a button unlike many cars where you have to press another button or lever on the boot again to open it. This comes really handy when your hands are full.
      • The air-conditioner is a little noisy, just a slight hissing noise. However, just start your music system even at a very low volume and you will forget the hissing.
      • Opening the hood is kind of tough. You have to open the driver’s door and only then can you pull the lever enough to pop open the bonnet. This could be a security feature to prevent the hood from accidentally being opened during a drive or maybe just a mistake.
      • The IRVM is poor and the large back head rests make it almost useless.

      Nice clean looks
      Sturdy built
      Relaxed steering wheel
      Nice cabin space, well lit and aired.

      Low ground clearance (explained in detail below)
      No auto lock feature on doors
      Beige floor!

      Low Ground Clearance:
      On paper I believe the Vento is higher than the new City (am not sure about this).
      However the Vento is covered by a lower body underlining, basically a plastic sheet to protect the lower body from dirt and for some insulation.
      If you by any chance drive over a rock or a bad pothole and the car scraps the ground bad, chance are you would break the hooks holding the sheet and it would lag out. This happened with me!
      I went to the VW service station and they told me that this had happened in some other Ventos too (to my relief) and was not serious.
      The result of this layer lagging out was that whenever you got to a high speed (80kmph in my case) the sheet started scrapping the ground and made a loud noise very audible in the cabin.
      But this was fixed nicely by the mechanic there. Initially he tried hooking it back, but the hooks were broken. So he used plastic file binders to tie the sheet back, and it worked!
      The new sheet costs around 3500 INR and I did not want to spend any money, so went for our desi jugaad only.

      • Music:
      HUI: Sony GT77UI
      Speakers: Front JVC Components
      Rear Kicker 6x9
      • Solar Film : Garware 30%

      The Vento is supposed to be serviced annually or once every 15000 kms.
      The company however had organised a monsoon check up during July; wherin they cleaned the car properly, checked the fluid levels and solve any other problem you may be facing.
      As explained earlier, I had to get my underbody lining fixed and it went pretty well. The Service centre although crowded was well attended and had adequate staff to handle everyone. This was reassuring to me that the car's maintenance would not be troublesome in the future.

      The car is a great package. The lack of a middle version does hurt but still the car is nicely equipped to make it a good buy.
      For a family of 4 or 3 it is pretty good, however if you’re looking to seat 5 people, then it’s a bad idea because of the high central beam.

      this is my first post on a automotive forum, so kindly bear with my novice style

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      Congrats.pics please

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      Congrats Joe. That has to be one of the most honest reviews I have seen in a while.

      How long did you have to wait for the delivery from the date of booking? How much has your car run now?

      And last but not the least, pictures please
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      Congrats nfspoet, nice writeup!
      hmmmm.. national question: kitna deti hain?
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      Congratulations.A sensible decision to buy one of the most desirable cars in india. Post pics of your VW.

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      Thanks guys. Will post pics soon (within the next 2 days) I have been awfully busy of late

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      Congrats buddy! If you don't mind can you share the OTR price of the car? And did you take advantage of the 6.99% loan scheme from VW finance? Or it is not worth it?

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      Congrats. It is, without doubt, a very good car.

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      Congratulations nfspoet
      Toyota Camry MT|TATA Safari EX 4x2

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      Am really sorry to have kept you guys waiting. Just forgot about the pics. Anybody can tell me how to up them here?

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