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    Thread: Ford Driving Skills for Life - India Tour (Bangalore Session) @ Lathangi Ford

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      not aware that he can set his status here!

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      Sorry for the delayed update, thanks to my hectic work schedule. I'd attended the event. I'm uploading the materials offered.

      Below are the three main things discussed @ DSFL (Driving Skills for Life)
      • Safe Driving
      • Economic Driving and
      • Eco-Friendly driving

      Theory session consisted of presentations and videos related to above mentioned topics; I’ll upload the materials shared.
      The practical session consisted of below exercises:
      We had group of very minimal participants – total of 6 people. (Most of they were not aware since it was communicated via face book)
      For Testing we had two machines, Fiesta 1.6 and Figo 1.4
      First step in practical session was to observe the check the basic security steps in and out of the car viz
      • Checking air pressure (low or tires are not flat),
      • Seat belts,
      • Headlights, horn and indicator functioning (Basic functions of the car)
      • Any malfunction warning on the console and
      • Adjusting the view mirrors and side mirrors.

      Braking: We were instructed to drive at a speed of 50kmph, and when they reached the marked spot, we have to brake. How to brake - any which way - gradual, or panic braking.

      We were asked to guess the distance at which the car would come to a halt.

      Maintain 3 cars distance while following another car when driving fast (mostly on a highway). Of course this rule cannot be applied in the bumper-to-bumper traffic while driving in city.
      This rule changes to 6 cars while driving in bad weather (when visibility is bad - rain/fog).

      Use Vehicle's momentum: We were instructed to drive and reach a marked spot on the road at a speed of 50kmph and when we reach the marked spot, driver has to remove his leg from the accelerator and were not to press the clutch or brake and check the distance till where the vehicle would run/stop using the initial momentum.

      I'm not able to upload the files (PDF ~2.4MB and Zip File ~ 4.5MB).

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      Welcome, Torpedo. 2013 VW
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      Hi Nofate Do you still have the pdf files with you? I would like to take a copy if able. TIA.
      September 2013 (Mk.6.) 2.0 VW Jetta TDI with DSG, Highline.

      Betta Getta Jetta


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