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    Thread: Hyderabad biker completes 2,500 KMs 'Bun Burner' ride in 36 hours

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      Hyderabad biker completes 2,500 KMs 'Bun Burner' ride in 36 hours

      There exists a certain kind of madness that can blur the lines between desire and logic, passion and danger and even life and death. And it’s that same madness that spurred a Hyderabadi biker, Vinu SV to ride nonstop for more than 2500 km in less than 36 hours, in a race against time a n d every kind of physical and mental limitation, making him the first South Indian ever to have completed the ‘Bun Burner’, a feat that is certified by the Iron Butt Association(IBA) USA, a leading club that certifies long distance endurance rides across the world and is the hub of the ‘World’s Toughest Riders’.

      Vinu also remains the only biker from Andhra Pradesh to have completed the Saddlesore (1600 km in 24 hours). In fact, it was on the way back from this backbreaking record in April that this 26-year-old decided to attempt the Bun Burner. “Even before I reached Hyderabad, after riding on the road for 24 hours, I knew that I wanted to do the BB,” says Vinu, whose health spiralled downwards after that record ride.

      “I was diagnosed with disc bulges on my cervical spine. All the racing and riding on the track, stunt tours and 12-odd inter-state rides in the last year, had taken a toll on me. And after the saddlesore, my back and neck took a serious beating. I was told that just riding a bike can pose major health hazards. But I knew that the Bun Burner was something I had to do for myself... A fear that had to be conquered,” says Vinu, who did just that on October 19. “I started my ride on my Yamaha R15 from Hyderabad and I had to come back by 11 am on October 21 — 36 hours to ride through Bangalore-Salem-Kanyakumari and back home. And the time includes all pit stops for fuel, food or rest,” says Vinu. Surviving on just energy drinks and energy bars, Vinu wasted no time on the road. “I reached Kanyakumari, my ‘U’-turn point three hours before schedule.”

      But Vinu was stricken with severe neck and back pain and still had 1250-odd kms ahead of him. “I ignored it and rode on till I reached Bangalore and that’s when things took a turn for the worse. I was stuck in traffic jams and even ran out of fuel. My eyes were bleeding, as bugs that kept smashing into them through the night. My ear started bleeding and I couldn’t feel my wrist. By 3 am, I even started hallucinating. I imagined I had a pillion who was offering to ride for me! I had to pull over, snap out of this and egg myself to finish what I started. I reached Hyderabad two hours before time,” says a beaming Vinu.

      The professional racer, who quit his job a year ago, says, “I may not be living the regular life with a regular job and approval from my folks, but with these records and other biking goals ticked off my list, it’s a year well-spent,” says Vinu, who hopes to push the limits once again. “I don’t make money from what I love and to continue doing so, I need sponsors by my side. For now, it’s my bike and me against all odds.”

      Source - Time of India
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      Hats off to the determination, but really looking at his list of health problems, is it really worth it?
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      Just bumped into this thread. While googling about this biker Vinu. I found news that he is no more. In february he met with an accident while attempting 2500 in 24 hours. I know its too late for saying my condolences. May his soul Rest in Peace . Also his death has given message to others attempting similar speed runs.

      Global biking community has lost a rider

      Quote Originally Posted by KRRaj View Post
      Hats off to the determination, but really looking at his list of health problems, is it really worth it?
      Whenever I see these speed runs I feel the same way. I pity on the family of Vinu. Having lost their son whom they would have bought up with many dreams. to have lost him only at age of 27 years.
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      Damn.. thats sad..

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      Quote Originally Posted by KRRaj View Post
      but really looking at his list of health problems, is it really worth it?
      If you were to ask him even today, I bet he would say he wouldn't have had it any other way. It's like asking Ayrton Senna would he have chosen a better way to die than doing what he loves most, racing on a track. We all know the answer to that!

      Quote Originally Posted by machi vijay View Post
      Whenever I see these speed runs I feel the same way. I pity on the family of Vinu. Having lost their son whom they would have bought up with many dreams. to have lost him only at age of 27 years.
      While, in theory I do agree with you that it's really sad to see him leave his family behind at such a young age, I also believe that when it's time for a human being to leave this earth, he's got to go. If it wasn't a bike accident, he could have passed away in other way. I'd personally would love to breathe my last doing what I love the most and I am sure Vinu will be wondering the same from up there.

      I did have chance to see him at the track a few times. Never got to speak to him though! Rest In Peace my friend.
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      Sad part is even his brother lost life in road accident. Imagine the parents plight? Sad.
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