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    Thread: Interpreting Response Graphs - Speakers

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      Quote Originally Posted by matbhuvi View Post
      Guys...i can understand the HPF and LPF XOs..but can't understand the db slope. Pls give me some explanation or point me some articles.
      When you set the HPF or the LPF, the electronics cannot perform a sharp cut off of the frequencies at that exact point. There is always a slope which is the degree to which is the signal is attenuated at the next octave. If you have a -12 db slope at a certain XO, the signal will be 12 db lesser at the next octave.

      Some links

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      Thanks Gilead. That was simple and perfect. Just took 2 mins to understand.

      Next question is, what is the preferable slope? or is there something like preferable slope?
      Eg: If i a midbass can go as low as 50Hz, is it preferable to do the XO at 80Hz with 12db slope?. What are the parameters we should consider when deciding on the slope?

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