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    Thread: ECU Remaps by Tune O Tronics

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      Thumbs up ECU Remaps by Tune O Tronics

      I am blueraven aka Satya from EVO.

      I have not been active on any online forums because of the hectic work schedule at my store EVO, however I felt compelled to make some time and post about my experience with Tune O Tronics ECU Remaps.

      This is a fairly new company comprising of the main brain Siddharth Chopra , these guys are into ECU remaps, and mainly specialize in any Turbo Diesel or Petrol cars.

      I have got quite a few cars done by him to upgrade the power in some cars like the Old Verna, some Swifts, a Optra Magnum and my favorite a Skoda Laura Tsi.

      Siddharth really seems to know what he is doing, gets into the depth of what really the customer wants, in fact in almost all cases he let the car owner try 3 to 4 different maps to suit their driving style.
      A very hard working individual, and I feel he has the right dedication towards delivering the right map for each car, and each time it's different.

      I do know some other setups in Bangalore who do similar jobs and one of them particularly is very good at what they do too, but they don't customize as much as Tune O Tronics.

      My Experience with doing up the Laura was the best, as we tried 5 different maps and then finalised on one, and then came the D Day,

      Dyno Test at Red Rooster Performance.

      With a TCF parameter of 1.00 the car did 184 Hp, which even with a modest 16% transmission loss calculation is easily 214 BHP, which is huge difference.
      The only thing which is a niggle as of now is that the cat converter is still on the car, and there is too much back pressure, so the power is not carrying through into the high rpms, next mod will be a full turbo back exhaust by Milltek and we should be able to gain another 15 BHP. The only mod as of now on the car is a BMC DIA cold air intake.

      The best part was when we put the car on tough proving grounds and raced it against a Mercedes SL350 and it kept up neck to neck, in fact the driver on the SL was quite confident he would thrash the Laura but was quite shocked, All in all it was fun and the best part looks like the mileage has gone up some 1 kmpl.

      We are in the process of importing the Milltek exhaust and will do another Dyno run and then post the Run's copy here

      Below are his contact details, I would highly recommend them for any ECU Remaps.

      Email : info@tune-o-tronics.com

      Phone : +91 - 99000 24134 / 35 / 37

      Official website

      Welcome to Tune-O-Tronics the mobile ecu remapping service, ecu tuning, remaps, performance, economy, fuel, cars.

      Facebook Page

      Nicht unterstüzter Browser | Facebook
      Nicht unterstüzter Browser | Facebook

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      Satya, been a while since we've seen you around

      Do post some dyno graphs before & after the remap! That's the only way to find out how good the mods are. And I guess a lot of importance should be given to reliability! So it would really help if you guys could do extensive testing and keep posting the details for the benefit of public.

      And what are the approx costs for the remap?

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      blueraven316 : welcome aboard Satya! nice to have an audio guy from b'lor on board!
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      Welcome aboard Satya
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      Can the stock rev-limit of Hyundai 1.5L CRDi Verna be increased from 4800rpm to 5750rpm ? Volkswagon 1.6L TDi Vento revs max to 5500rpm
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      welcome to GH. now where is 007

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      Quote Originally Posted by blueraven316 View Post
      Official website

      Welcome to Tune-O-Tronics the mobile ecu remapping service, ecu tuning, remaps, performance, economy, fuel, cars.
      Sounds good , but somehow their logo reminds me of a cartoon called "thundercats" which i used to watch as a kid .
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      Quote Originally Posted by Godfather View Post
      welcome to GH. now where is 007
      present saar

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      Welcome Satya.

      One gentle suggestion that you can pass on pls... Ask them to put up their address on their webpage. It will bode well with prospective buyers to know they are a legal entity with a physical address!

      Many I know would like to visit these establishments first hand before trying out their wares - esp when it comes to tuning etc. (unless they are the ones with a catalogued body of work)
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      Welcome aboard Satya!

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