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    Thread: 18,000 hp Nissan Car Carrier Nichioh Maru

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      18,000 hp Nissan Car Carrier Nichioh Maru

      Japan's second largest company Nissan shows the 2012 model car carrier, the Nichioh Maru. This monster ship is suppose to be a green carrier. Let's see what it has got

      The Nichioh Maru is a coastal ship and doesn't sail in high sea. It steams, well, diesels up and down the Japanese archipelago on its route between Oppama, Kobe and Kyushu. On four decks, the Nichioh Maru has room for 1,380 cars. Yesterday, the ship completed its first day on the job by bringing cars to Oppama. Today, it loads Leafs.

      By comparison, the Panama-flagged Eternal Ace that swallows cars for overseas shipping in the dock next door has room for 5,563 cars. If you want to get the inside track on a 5,000+ unit class car carrier, simply multiply this story by three and a half, and then deduct the green.

      So what's green in here? After building zero emission vehicles like the Leaf, Nissan is tackling the ships that bring them. The Nichioh Maru is not quite zero emission yet, but the ship achieves a 20 percent reduction of fuel used and CO2 produced over conventional ships.

      The ship does so with an electronically controlled 18,000 hp diesel engine (produced by MAN.) The ship has LED lighting in the ship’s hold and living quarters, and its hull is painted with the latest in low friction coating.

      The top of the ship is covered with solar power panels, the first time on a coastal ship in Japan. The solar panels create a hefty 50 kW of power, some of it stored in a battery for when the sun don’t shine. That ship is so green that the fire extinguishing system is foam type, and not CO2. Even when in flames, that ship won’t emit unnecessary CO2.
      For the nautical gearheads, the engine is an MAN B&W 8S50ME-C8. That is an eight cylinder, super long stroke, 50 centimeter piston, M-program, electronically controlled, “compact” engine, Mark 8.

      Inside, the ship looks like a big multistory garage. Except that there are tie-downs in the floor. To prevent the ship from rolling too much (with possible ill effects on not tied down cars), the ship can shoot water from port to starboard ballast tanks, and back.

      First 40 cars loaded. Only 1,340 more to go.

      On the bridge of the Nichioh Maru.

      The ship appears to steer itself.

      It does so assisted by the latest in on-board navigation. Front and stern thrusters obviate tugboats. Just line up with the dock, push a button – dozo!

      No messes in this ship’s mess. Everything is neat and tidy, this is a Japanese ship.

      And yes, take your shoes off, this is a Japanese ship.

      Galley. The crew can dine in style.

      Captain’s wardroom. More space than in an average Japanese apartment.

      Source - TTAC
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      Nice, but very very basic ship. Interestingly the bridge design looks from 1970's because new ships have bridges that resemble airline cockpit. Even more surprising if such ship is coming from Japan. I have taken over 4 brand new ships in recent times. The last was 14000 TEU's (14000 x 20' containers) from a Korean shipyard, so such setting is bit surprising.
      None of the ships can steer by themselves in close waters. No matter how advanced the ship is, they are ALWAYS on manual steering in such waters.
      Master's day room looks EXTREMELY basic. Not even a laptop or PC on his desk!!!
      The hot water flask is also on his guest table!! another NOT-SO-WELL placed object.
      Being green ship they have used linolium flooring instead of latest anti-fire PVC tiles, which infact are very sturdy & do not require cleaning everyday, thus saving precious water.

      Car carriers are like single block buildings with top deck as residential quarters & thus offer HUGE area for installation of such solar panels. These will not be practical on other type of ships whose design & usage will not permit such installation/s.

      Above are my personal thoughts from the latest technologies that I have witnessed as latest as last week.

      Take care.
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