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    Thread: stupid ****ing Bangalore city roads!

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      Jai Radhe Maa
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      stupid ****ing Bangalore city roads!

      what is it with the Bangalore Municipality and their obsession with stealth speed breakers and dividers that just appear out of nowhere?

      I came back from Mysore yesterday and was following a friend to his house last night, all abuzz and happy about the new engine. the friend leading me was driving in his usual style and the onus was on me to keep close to him. as usual, people would get in between and I would manage to get ahead of them and be right where I neeed to be. then there was this two way undivided road where I was attempting to get ahead of an auto driver who was between us - not fast, mind you... around 40 kmph or so - and mid acceleration, I notice an ominous gray slab of concrete ten feet away, growing bigger in my windshield and my front right wheel headed straight towards it. it was just like that ****ing thing phased into existence. glare from oncoming headlights also did little to help.

      I swerved hard left and miraculously missed the damn thing. however, said auto driver got clipped by my left doors in the B pillar area. he panicked and swerved left straight into the kerb shashing his fork and steering column. I had this impulse to just floor it and take off but sense prevailed and I pulled over. after that ensued two hours of drama on that narrow road, theories, conslusions, lectures and demands for 13K and I had to ultimately shell out 10K. if only I wouldve been fluent in Kannada, I wouldve asked the auto driver to take 5K or take a hike because he was at least 90 ml down.

      the good news is that my car just suffered a minor nick which is hardly even visible, so I dont have to spend any time and money on it now. if I wouldve hit the "divider", it wouldve been a whole lot worse. that stupid piece of contrete shit with no markings, no signs, no reflectors, nothing whatsoever. it was already badly chipped so I wonder how many sacrifices it has claimed already. people get *paid* to install these death traps on the roads?

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      City of Super Kings!!!
      You should have make use of our ERT, someone would have come there for your rescue.

      10K is very high for an Auto!!!
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      Damn...why did you even pay and that too for the entire auto?

      why didn't you call anyone for help?

      Our master negotiator kb100 just landed back in town yesterday evening and would have got you the money instead of you spending 10K...

      BTW, you should not call it Bangalore Municipality... This is still some god forsaken Panchayat for the infrastructure they provide here
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      Sad for you venkat. Thank god that nothing happened to your car.

      10k is the thing that is cranking.

      We could have spent 1k-2k in colouring that concrete with reflector paint. so that we could have saved the 10k amount.

      Exactly this is the stupidity of the panchayat/corporation/municipality or watever. They never bother about anything.
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      Quote Originally Posted by 007 View Post
      I had to ultimately shell out 10K.
      Why dint you just pick up the phone and CALL!?! Double Dayum!!
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      Nothing shocking about these death traps around! They were probably the playground for contractors kids who decided to have some fun day by building these speedbrakers.

      No qualified engineer, would get his men to build such speedbrakers otherwise!

      Too bad you had to shell out 10k to the auto dude! Which area was this?

      And like the rest said, why didn't you call?
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      Jai Radhe Maa
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      honestly it didn't even occur to me to call anyone. not sure why I didn't think about it. anyway, the damage is done. I hope there are no repeats and if there are, Ill make it a point to scream for help.

      Rahul, this happened quite close to Fairmont Towers, Lingarajapuram.
      Last edited by 007; 18th Feb 2012 at 13:15.

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      not aware that he can set his status here!

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      Quote Originally Posted by 007 View Post
      this happened quite close to Fairmont Towers, Lingarajapuram.
      Translate the word Lingarajapuram into colloquial English and thats what you got from the Nama Bangalore Muncipal corporation and the funny thing is the divider is made with your money.

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      Ouch!! 10 K. I can understand your frustration very well 007. The area you mention has several such stealth dividers, I take that route to work when I use my vehicle. I have seen a few cars on the divider during nights. There is absolutely no clue that they are there. Holds good for most of Bangalore, thats why I never cross 60 at all. Not worth the risk.
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      not aware that he can set his status here!
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      Quote Originally Posted by 007 View Post
      I hope there are no repeats and if there are, Ill make it a point to scream for help.
      Carry some snacks in the car so that kb100 can reach the spot right away without any distractions.
      I don't know what's gonna happen man but I wanna have my kicks before the whole shithouse goes up in flames

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