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    Thread: Nexus Maruti Authorized Service Center (BANGALORE) - Fleecing by wrong and unjustified charges

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      Angry Nexus Maruti Authorized Service Center (BANGALORE) - Fleecing by wrong and unjustified charges

      Please stay away from Nexus Maruti Authorized Service Station (MASS), Near Ramaiah Hospital, Bangalore. Their charges are exorbitant. If they estimate 5000 rupees initially, the final bill may turn out to be more than double of it, say 12-15k. Funny thing is they charge 650 rupees as labour charge for replacing 4 tyre rims. A shop next to it charge 40 rupees at max. Just imagine how they would fleece in all other charges.

      Initially they estimated 6800 rupees then comes the call to replace suspension arms. First they quoted 1500 rs on call when visited it was increased to 2500 rs. Finally when bill came total became 13500 rs. 8967 rs of Items and 4600 rs is labour charge. Where as initially they quoted 4900 for items and 1900 as labour charge.

      By their wish and will they charged for some works like silencer dent removal etc, which was never communicated or approved. And I never knew if those things were really required any fixes.

      It was sure from their face expression when confronted that they are fleecing. If at all Maruti is authorizing such kind of shops then definitely I WILL THINK TWICE NEXT TIME BEFORE BUYING MARUTI VEHICLE or MARUTI ITSELF IS PART OF FRAUD BY AUTHORIZING SUCH KIND OF SERVICE CENTERS?

      When confronted with them, they had no explanation but to shamelessly demanding to pay up the bill. I was shocked to see the service bill of a vehicle which had run only 3000 kms since last service. Really a big thieves shop, stay away and save yourselves.

      I am attaching bill images with this for fellow members reference. Notice the way they are charging labour, everything is of 100 rupees which is multiplied by number of items(as per their will).

      PS: Is there a way to check whether all the parts replaced are really been replaced or not. Of all the parts billed parts I only got 1 steering rod, 2 suspension rods and 4 rim wheels as removed parts.(That too after demanding). If anyone can make out from bill if there is any other major parts which they should have returned after replacement pls point out. When I asked the guy at service center he bluntly replied that other than these parts all are rubbers.

      Click image for larger version. 

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      Send a mail to top management from Maruti... or if you have a friend in press, tell him to publish this with the dealers name.... let such dealers suffer
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      These Nexus guys seem to have a nexus with local MSIL guys.
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      I too got work done there. Its isnt worth the amt u pay.

      Complain to the top brass in delhi...shoot a letter/email to them. The main person in Bangalore is a **** of the 1st order. I complained to him once and it was useless.
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      Angry Nexus sathanur yelahanka - poor service - swindling and cheating

      HI All,

      I left my vehicle Maruthi Zen car on 08-05-2014 at the above service station for rectifying / repairing / servicing the sound which I was getting while moving over a pot hole or road hump. A test ride was done and they agreed that there was some defect and there needs replacement of a part. I expressed my dis-satisfaction at my previous experience. I was assured that they will look into the matter and they will do a perfect job this time. They gave me an estimate for Rs.6,700/- and the actual bill came to Rs.5600/- plus. Only when I left the service station with my car I realized that I have been taken for a ride and they have not rectified the defect and only washed the car, changed one spark plug, coolant, oil, etc. The main work rectifying the sound was left undone completely but major portion money was collected from me. They practice cheating. If you visit them for a particular complaint they will service the one not asked by you leaving your complaint to be attended at a subsequent visit. This way they will swindle your money.


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