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    Thread: Godfather's Ford Endeavour.. Helix On The Rocks!!!

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      Godfather's Ford Endeavour.. Helix On The Rocks!!!

      February 9th I get a Call from Linea-Lover and he said that he will be In Bangalore on business for 2 to 3 days..
      he asked whether i could meet up with him..

      i am always open to meeting people of this forum so i said.. why not..

      little did I know what was in store for me.....

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      What suspense !!!
      In BHAI the universe trusts _/\_

      Wear HelMet to avoid Hell Meet

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      not aware that he can set his status here!
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      Bring it on, Goddy!

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      Saturday 18th Feb.. i call Vikram to see where he had reached..

      V - approx 75 kms from bangalore
      Me - oh.. cool.. time was around 7 PM.
      V - chal yaar.. i will call once i reach Airlines..
      Me - theek hai.. drive safe.

      hang up the phone and i just got lost in my thoughts with a Single malt and some smokes.

      after around 1 hr i get a call from xx carmozome and she said that probably Vikram needs some directions.
      me - sure.. i will call him now.

      called up

      V - hello
      Me - where have you reached.
      V - yeshwanthpur.
      Me - ok.. and gave him step by step directions to reach Airlines Hotel.. apparently that where he would spend the weekend.
      V - after around 45 min's or so and a couple of calls later Vikram was safe at his destination..
      Me - take some rest.. i will drop in tomorrow morning.
      V - sure yaar.. lets catch up tomorrow
      Me - hey.. did you get my gift
      V - yeah yeah.. its here.. i had to fight xx carmozome for it..
      Me - hahaha.. yeah.. its mine allright..
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      following a 'Linea'r
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      Ah, this has everyting to do with Goody's ICE for the Endy. Goddy - Helix? Brax? What else?

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      I thought you were in client meetings.
      Catch me if you can.....
      '08 Hyundai Verna CRDi

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      Saturday 18th Feb..

      was also the same day in the afternoon i had hurt my back real bad while lifting the Jeep body.. i was on apparent Bed rest for 2 days.. but i had to meet Linea-Lover since he had driven down all the way from Ahmedabad and wanted to meet us as well.. so called up Nithin

      me - Dude.. i am in a lot of pain.
      N - why.. what happened..
      me - while lifting the Jeep body i think i hurt my back
      N -
      me - !@#$%^&* stop laughing.. i am in pain
      N - i am on the way to give the fuel pump for repairs.. want some medicines
      me - nai re.. wifey will be back home in some time.. will just relax with my drink till then
      N - ok.

      after half hour or so I get a call from Kanwar..

      K - Bhai.. kya huaa
      Me - I hurt my back...while lifting the Jeep
      K - oh.. need some help.. shall I come over..
      Me - nai re.. Thanks i will be fine.
      K - chal yaar.. you take some rest.
      Me - haan.. will do.. chalo...

      now i was how kanwar got to know.. it had to be !@#$%^&* nithin,
      then since I was already jobless and in a lot of pain i started to think what the conversation would have been like between them.,

      N - Kanwar bhai..
      K - haan Nihin
      N - Sumit hurt his back he just told me.
      K - what.. hahahahaha saale ko kaun bola tha heman banne ke liye
      N - wohi toh.. chal usko phone karke chidaa thoda..
      K - haan haan.

      bleedy fellow that Nithin.

      So after I had given directions to Vikram over phone i called up Nithin again.

      Me - Dude.. Vikram is in town
      N - Kaun Vikram,.
      Me - dai... Linea-lover.. Helix and Brax.. ring a bell.
      N - arrey.. haan haan.. toh Linea-Lover bol na.. Vikram Vikram kya kar raha hai.
      Me - chal whatever.. we HAVE to meet him tomorrow..
      N - he drove from Ahmedabad??
      Me - haan..
      N - we should do something like this too.
      Me - khud kar liyo.. kameene bola na peeth tut gayi hai
      N -
      Me - has le saale.. inshaallah ek din tere ko bhi hoga aur mein hasoonga
      N - ok ok.. what plans
      Me - you come over tomorrow and drive me to Airlines.
      N - ok... done... what time..
      Me - come around 10 AM.
      N - chalo.. see you then.

      I hung up.. popped in 3 IBbrufens 500 mg and slept.

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      Quote Originally Posted by Guru View Post
      Quote Originally Posted by Guru View Post
      What else?

      Quote Originally Posted by optimus_prime View Post
      I thought you were in client meetings.
      that is this week da... why do you think I was not online.. working till saturday late evening.

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      Been very lazy these days....
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      Godfather waiting for the next episode post of yours..
      1990 Bajaj KB100 Sold
      1995 Maruthi Omni(76500 kms)Sold
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      2009 Fiat Linea MJD (62500 kms)
      2001 MM550(4000kms after rebuild)

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      Sunday 19th Feb:

      wake up around 8 AM in screaming pain... cant move too much..

      Wife - do you have to go today
      Me - yeah.. have to meet him
      W - look at your state.. you can hardly get up..
      me - no look.. i am fine.. aaaahhhh
      W - fine.. suit your self..

      me - mumble grumble.. get up and take a nice HOT shower.. and I am ready by 9 AM.

      called up Nithin

      Me - where are you da
      N - on my way.. have some work as well.. will finish that and come
      Me - hmm.. ok how long
      N - will be there by 10
      Me - ok..

      hang up the phone and hardly managed to sit for breakfast so stood and ate whatever little I could.

      W - ok bye.. take care and have fun.
      Me - aaaaaaa... yeah.. sure hun... bye.

      time was already 10:30.

      get a call from Vikram
      V - where are you guys.
      Me - waiting for nithin to come.
      V - kya huaa..
      Me - long story.. will come there and talk.
      V - chalo theek hai.. see you soon.

      then i called Nithin

      Me - where are you da..
      N - coming coming..
      Me - soon.. Vikram called.. he is waiting
      N - who Vikram
      Me - maar khayega.. jaldi aa
      N - be there in 5 mins.

      in the meanwhile I started the Endeavour and let the engine heat up.
      Lit a smoke and was just casually sitting on the porch..

      Nithin reached and parked his car..

      N - want me to drive.
      Me - yeah right.. get in the passenger seat.. if i am not upto it.. you drive
      Wife - let him drive na..
      Me - nai.. I am fine..
      N - chalo.. theek hai..

      and we left to meet Linea-Lover.

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