A few close friends namely aka kairalee and Nithin know that my wife has officially taken over the Endeavour and left me with nothing but a broken ass i20.

GOD!! I hate that vehicle.. its.. its... small.. belch..

Now I was discussing this matter with this morning and had to wait for him to finish laughing for atleast 30 mins.. so i told him that you laugh.. i will reach office and call you.

I made all sorts of bahanaas to get the Endy back.. but looks like I am fighting a losing battle.

So here is the lowdown.. Since I have officially no money left.. i have no other choice but to get a Used SUV and do it up my ishtyle. Lift kit, bumpers, new tires et all..

So would appreciate if people can point me in the right direction and advice..

Budget - strict 10L

SUV's i think i can get in this

1. New Safari Dicor LX - 2wd - Blech
2. Used Mitsubishi Pajero
3. Used Nissan Patrol - Y60

I am more in favour of the Patrol since that will be nice to drive around in and possibly with a lift kit Drive over things as well.

so if anyone comes around a Good Patrol (Diesel) then please call...

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I am not looking at any Innova, XUV, or Scorpio or the likes.. The cars are as above..