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    Thread: Bike Hire and Accommodation en-route Leh

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      Me Bangalore...

      Bike Hire and Accommodation en-route Leh


      Soo, Godfather closed his SUV thread…

      Grievances Section is dealing with the Toon's thread and Identity Crisis...

      Traffic Lights section is... hmm... err.. never mind

      So folks after the above fun threads, now, i don't know how much of interest this post could be of, but what the heck i made a promise to punto that i will give in the details regarding the Bike hire and rest. So here goes...

      1. Which Bike to choose, should it only be a Bullet?
      A: No, it need not only be a Bullet. Choose whatever bike you are comfortable with, i opted for Bullet because i do not fancy riding any other bike for long distance.

      So pick according to your preference, if you still want to do this on a Bullet, then make sure you understand bike before riding it, these machines are hard to get used to specially the ones with right side gear shifts (Read: STD 350), also if you’re not familiar with the mechanism and technicality of a Bullet then my sincere suggestion is to stay away and opt for a Pulsar or any other 150cc plus bike...

      2. Where and How to pick up a Bike?
      A: This can be picked up from either Delhi or Manali, I did hear there are some Bike rentals in LEH too if one wants to fly directly to Leh and ride around.

      If you decide to pick one from Delhi then look no further than Karol Bagh, there are hundreds of dealers offering all types of Bikes, Google for this and you will get tons of dealer options, before making an advance booking ensure that you speak to the dealer at least a few times just to understand their character, now you ask how does this matter? Well it does, and to a great extent. Don’t go by their sweet talks, they will NOT remain sweet forever.
      Once you select the dealer make the booking in advance so that he could service the bike and keep it ready before you land at his shop, be in touch with them so the last minute confusion could be avoided.
      In this thread I do not want to mention the dealer’s name from where I picked the Bull, I don’t want to advertise him, no reason in particular, but if you want the details send me a PM I will be glad to give you the details.

      The D day – before signing the hire/purchase contract, make sure you take the Bike for a slightly longish test ride. Don’t be in a hurry do take your time to understand the small niggles, and ensure they are all sorted before you leave the dealer’s place. Remember this once you accept the bike it will be your responsibility till the time you return it, so its very important for you to understand that your accepting a near perfect bike so that later there are no confusions regarding the bikes condition.

      3. Contracts and agreement need to be signed for the hire/purchase?
      A: Don’t bother much, this is done by the dealer, papers and documents will be ready with them you just need to READ and sign, so read well (I made my wifey read the contract, so it was a sure shot that nothing could be wrong) depending on the Bike the dealer would ask for advance, which will be given back at the time of the bike return, also take down as many dealer contacts as possible of the mechanics en-route, it will be helpful.

      4. Bike care, tool kits, spares?
      A: Dealer will give you a set of basic tools and spares, you too can carry extra Clutch cables, Accelerator cables, Front Break Cable (if your Bike does not have disk break), Spark plug, Bulbs for headlights, Spare tubes, foot pump and necessary tools to remove and fit the tubes, a small bottle of engine oil. Ensure that Bike is tuned for Maximum pickup and not millage, reason being, while climbing the hill, due to thin air in the valleys it will be very tough for the air to circulate around the carburetor due to which you will feel the bike jerk heavily and it may overheat the engine too.

      Once you accept the Bike treat it like how you would treat yours, respect the fact that it belongs to someone else and it has to be returned in the same manner you borrowed, this means no abusing it, take care of it and it will help you complete the journey without trouble.

      5. Physical preparation before for the long ride?
      A: Take up a few long rides before taking the ride for Leh. This will help you understand how many kilometers you and the pillion can travel in a day on the bike.
      Also, it is necessary for you to be physically fit to ride up till Leh, it’s not a child’s play, so hit the Gym, start your walks and jog to build stamina.

      Few more points for your reference below, these are covered well in detail on the Internet, but adding it from my end.

      • Total travel from Delhi to Leh and Leh to Srinagar was 2,300kms. Since we did not Ride back till Delhi 600kms was less.

      • There are plenty of petrol pumps on the way and most of them accept credit/debit cards, if you are taking the Delhi-Srinagar_Leh route there is no need to carry extra petrol in cans. I used to do a tank full before leaving any major city. Total petrol required by us was about 60 liters.

      • Travel very light, carry only the most important things which are required. Balance the luggage on both the side of the Bike.

      • Carry some cash, though there are lot of ATM’s on the way, some extra booty does not hurt, you never know when it may come in handy.

      • Carry Medicines - Dimox – 250 mg, Combiflam, Sunscreen, Cold Cream, Dettol/Savlon, first aid kit. Avoid taking medicines as precaution, and take only if you facing the Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS), natural way to tackle this are to eat lot of Badam & Kaju, chocolates in plenty with lots of water.

      • Carry, Swiss Knife, Bungee ropes, plastic rope, big plastic sheets (to cover the luggage), torch, match box.

      • Carry extra pair of gloves, and warm riding jackets and fully covered helmets with monkey caps and thermal wears.

      • Carry a BSNL sim card, as in most of the locations you will not get signal for any other service providers.

      Details of the accommodation for the route:

      Delhi->Ambala->Ludhiyana->Pthankot->Jammu-> Udhampur->Srinagar->Drass-> Kargil->Lamayaru->Leh

      Delhi to Ludhiana (300kms)
      Ginger Hotels
      The Gold Souk Mall,
      G.T. Road, Jalandhar Highway,
      Village Kandian,
      Phone: +91 161 666 3333

      Ludhiana to Jammu (300kms)
      Fortune Inn Riviera, Jammu
      9, Gulab Singh Marg, Jammu - 180001, Jammu and Kashmir
      Phone :91-191-2561415, Mobile: 91-9018081000, 9018181000

      Jammu to Srinagar (265kms)
      Heemal Hotel, Srinagar
      Cheshmashahi, Near Dal Lake, Srinagar - 190001, Jammu & Kashmir

      Srinagar to Kargil (200kms)
      Greenland Hotel, Kargil
      Main bazaar, near old taxi stand, Kargil

      Kargil to Leh (285kms)
      Padma Guest House & Hotel
      Fort Road, Leh 194101, Ladakh, India
      Tel: + 91-1982-252630
      Mob: +91-9419178171 /+91-9906982171

      A Message to all:

      Once you hit the highway, you are on your own, if you are riding solo keep someone at home updated regularly about your progress, and keep emergency contacts at the easiest accessible place.

      If the journey is with a pillion, and if it is a She... then understand their needs time to time, make sure they are always comfortable. In case of an unforeseen situation like an accident or bike snag ensure they travel with you and are not left waiting for your return at any place, even if means its with the company of an unknown lady, you never know what you are up against.

      Always remember this your Wife/Fiancee/Sister/Daughter/Mother are safest in your presence, no one else can protect them more than you could, their safety should be your top priority, no matter what never trust anyone else but yourself.

      Last but not least... Ride and not Race, show respect to the terrain, and it will not kill you!!!

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      Excellent Advice Junaid.
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      Me Bangalore...

      Accomodation En-Route if one is planning for LEH from South

      This is going to be my Post #200... so making it a little special

      So GearHeads...

      My above post has the details if you are going to LEH from Delhi.
      Now, what if you are planning to do this from down South... lets say Bangalore?

      During our initial LEH brain storming days there were plan 'A, B & C'

      Plan A - Shipping my Bull from Bangalore via train to Delhi, and riding up from Delhi to LEH
      Plan B - If ONLY plan 'A' fails, driving Grande to LEH from Bangalore (both plan A&B assuming we had 20+ days on hand)
      Plan C - Flying to Delhi and Riding up to LEH on a hired Bull (which we did )

      OK, I'm sharing Plan 'B' with you all, had we driven from Bangalore to LEH... This again is based on the fact Manali-LEH being closed!!!


      Bangalore to Pune (850kms)
      Ginger Hotel, Pune
      Kala Khadak,
      Near Indira College,
      Wakad Naka, Wakad,
      Pune – 411 057
      Tel: +91 20 6677 3333
      Fax: +91 20 6677 3336

      Pune to Jaipur (1260kms)
      Jai Niwas Boutique Hotel, JAIPUR
      3, Jalupura Scheme,
      Gopinath Marg,
      Off M. I. Road,
      JAIPUR - 302001 (INDIA)
      Phone :
      +91 (141) 2363964
      +91 (141) 4109697

      Jaipur to Amritsar (705kms)
      Hotel MC International, Amritsar
      361, The Mall Road, Amritsar 143001,

      Amritsar to Srinagar (512kms)
      Heemal Hotel, Srinagar
      Cheshmashahi, Near Dal Lake, Srinagar - 190001, Jammu & Kashmir

      Srinagar to Kargil (200kms)
      Greenland Hotel, Kargil
      Main bazaar, near old taxi stand, Kargil

      Kargil to LEH (285kms)
      Padma Guest House & Hotel
      Fort Road, Leh 194101, Ladakh, India
      Tel: + 91-1982-252630
      Mob: +91-9419178171 /+91-9906982171

      The halts between cities are according to my Driving

      Day 1 Bangalore to Pune (850kms) - I could have easily pushed till Mumbai, the reason i did not is because of traffic and road condition, i prefer an early halt in Pune...

      Day 2 Pune to Jaipur (1260kms) - My travel is maximum for this day, reason being Ahmedabad hosts one of the best roads, here the journey is faster. If you do not wish to drive till Jaipur, you can halt in Udaipur, and enjoy a day or 2, we had thought of doing that on our return journey...

      Day 3 Jaipur to Amritsar (705kms) - I was not aware of the road conditions from Jaipur, and i did not get much information over the web regarding the same, so to be on the safer side i kept the night halt for Amritsar...

      Day 4 Amritsar to Srinagar (512kms) - This day i suggest to leave Amritsar as early as possible since you will be traversing through the most beautiful valleys of Kashmir from Jammu to Srinagar... Also, you don't have to go till Jammu, a short deviation can be taken directly to Udhampur through Mansar-Udhampur road, this will save some travel, however, i am not sure about the road condition of this route.

      Day 5 Srinagar to Kargil (200kms) - Most challenging of the entire trip, remember ZOJILA ... start early, so that you can reach Kargil during the day light... Don't try and push for LEH on the same day, i understand if traveling in car there are advantages, but my suggestion take it easy in Valley's...

      Day 6 Kargil to LEH (285kms) - This is going to be cake walk after Day5, we in fact felt this journey to be quite boring ... anyway, this route has lots to offer so drive during day...
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      LADAKH.... DO's and DONT'S HELP!!!!

      Hi All, Has anyone over here done a Ladakh trip on bike?

      I am looking for some useful info with regards to Renting of Bike possibly from Delhi or Manali, Route, Places to Visit, and overall what stuffs do i need to carry?

      I will be in Delhi on the 1st of August and would have time till the 13th, can i make this happen within that time frame???

      Please help guys

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      ladakh bike trip 2013

      Its a better tips to hire bike for making your trip enjoyable. It is useful to maintain our budget.

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